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Beer // 3 Facts, 2 Fake Facts


1 | Fake fact. There’s no Picaroons pool… this year.

2 | Fact. Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew is a giant recycling project. Looks like it’s ongoing so it’s pretty easy for you to contribute to its next roofing job.

3 | Fact. Beer/ale dates back to about 5,000 BCE in ancient Egypt. It functioned as a daily food item (along with bread) but also served as currency. (Literally, beer money.)

4 | Fake fact. If you meet up with Scandinavians, they do say “Skol.” During a tour of the Speight’s brewery in Dunedin, I was first told this common “skol/skull” tale. But it’s untrue. Due to a translation error, the Norse Vikings’ “drinking from the horns of an animal’s skull” became “using a victim’s head as a freakish, leaky party keg.” That, or something happened in a Minnesota parking lot after an NFL game.

5 | Fact. If you get your wife (or reasonable facsimile) across the finish line first, put her on a scale and take home that much beer. Or drink it there, depending on how many kilograms she weighs.

Pictured: Legal drinking on every continent but North America? (