You can’t fight City Hall. Because it’s a building. Seriously…

Fredericton City Hall // 6 Facts + 3 Fake Facts


1 | Fact. The building became a historic site due to its Second Empire style and its versatile functions for the community.

2 | Fake fact. Phoenix Square: correct — likely because the three previous buildings on the site retired via fire. The battle of mythical creatures: unconfirmed.

3 | Fake fact. There is a portrait of the city’s namesake in City Hall. However, his name is Prince Frederick (Augustus), who was the second son of King George III. (You thought the original city name was Fredericton? Forget it, Jake. It’s Frederickstown.)

4 | Fact. Twenty-seven tapestries hang in the council chambers to depict Fredericton’s history. This one is inter– wait. Where is his head?! He has a body. He still has a hat. His HEAD – is – GONE. Look at the shooter’s eye. Even he’s, like, “What happened?? I was just firing a warning shot to tell him pant legs should be the same colour.” Well, fortunately the gunman did end up doing time — as a judge with the Supreme Court.

city hall tapestry duel

What type of ammo did they use back then? Invisi-bullets. (History of Fredericton in Tapestries)

5 | Fact. From 1883 to 1971, the Fredericton Police Force worked out of City Hall.

6 | Fact. The basement was used as a farmers’ market until the Boyce Farmers Market opened in 1952.

7 | Fact. The current council chambers served as an opera venue.

8 | Fact. Freddie on the fountain really is “the little nude dude.” Note: You will not want to Google “Freddie nude dude.”

9 | Fake fact. You are thinking of Back to the Future, Doc.

Clothes? Where we’re going, we don’t need clothes. (Robert Hiscock)