Enjoy the party.

Happy 230th Birthday, Fredericton! // 4 Facts, 2 Fake Facts


1 | Fake fact. You may be confusing our esteemed mayor with Premier Brian Gallant.

2 | Fact. The William Jack Brydone Observatory, known for creating the first accurate map of NB, sits next to the Old Arts Building on campus. The observatory became a National Historic Site in 1955.

3 | Fact. Despite forever being baby-faced, little Freddie (1885) is a year (or two) older than the Statue of Liberty (1886).

4 | Fact. Around 2008, Fredericton officials hooked up with Gangnam at an “intelligent communities” summit, leading to a “city” partnership (although Gangnam is not its own city). In 2012, Psy forgot to namecheck us in “Gangnam Style.”

5 | Fake fact. The exploding whale is just too ridiculous to happen… in Fredericton. It went down up in Florence, Oregon.

6 | Fact. The Coleman Frog attracts visitors from around the world. Bu is it real? Visit the museum to make your decision.