The time? 1813. The place? British North America. The topic? WAR… of 1812.

On February 16, 1813, one of the greatest military marches in history happened in Canada.

With the Americans planning an offensive in the spring, the British needed reinforcements. But the St. Lawrence ice prevented troop transport. So, New Brunswick’s 104th Regiment of Foot just hoofed ‘er right on up there. From Fredericton to Kingston, Ontario. In an exhausting winter. Without a single item from Mountain Equipment Co-op.

Do you know which facts to salute, private? Two of the five are fake. March!

March of the 104th // 3 Facts + 2 Fake Facts

1 | The regiment walked 1,100 kilometres for almost two months to get from Fredericton, NB, to Kingston, Ontario.

2 | Most of the regiment were criminals pulled from local jails and pressed into service.

3 | For the first few days, soldiers could rest in houses along the route. One of these homes is now located at Kings Landing Historical Settlement.

4 | To commemorate the march, a bunch of people have hidden ammo cans along the route for seekers to find.

5 | By the time they got to Kingston, the war was actually over. So, they turned around and marched back to NB, which no one mentions because it’s kind of depressing.

La grande marche / The Unforgettable March

The 104th on foot in “La grande marche / The Unforgettable March.” (Pauline Morneault)

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