On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone is Irish — meaning Costco has tighter control of its membership than the Emerald Isle does. If you’re claiming temporary refugee status on March 17, you should know at least a couple facts, right? Or nine. But five are false. Can you drive the fakes out of Ireland?

St. Patrick’s Day // 4 Facts, 5 Fake Facts

1 | Viewing a map of the island, Ireland shows two capital cities.

2 | The shamrock represents peace, love and understanding.

3 | Ireland’s coat of arms shows off a boxing leprechaun.

4 | The Republic of Ireland’s national anthem is titled “The Soldiers’ Song.”

5 | People traditionally smooch the Blarney Stone to inherit the “gift of gab.”

6 | St. Patrick is heralded as chasing the snakes out of Ireland but in truth he actually just had some old inner tubes tied to a stick and ran really fast with them.

7 | The white colour on the Irish flag represents peace between the Catholics and the Protestants.

8 | Until officially banned in 1976, St. Patrick’s Day in Saint John, NB, culminated in an annual street battle between the patrons of O’Leary’s and the horribly situated Orangemen Pub across the road.

9 | That Guinness in your hand comes from the Guinness Brewery.

“God is good, but never dance in a small boat.” Ireland has the best sayings.


Written by Peter Cullen

Peter Cullen loves to teach children. He specializes in literacy (elementary level) and has a lot of fun creating games and activities for class lessons. He also writes, manages social media accounts and announces roller derby games.

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