May the luck of the Irish be with you.

St. Patrick’s Day // 4 Facts, 5 Fake Facts


1 | Fact. The whole of Ireland has two capital cities since it’s still politically split as the Republic of Ireland (capital: Dublin) and Northern Ireland (capital: Belfast).

ireland political divisions

2 | Fake fact. The shamrock symbolizes Christianity’s Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

3 | Fake fact. Leprechauns wear coats but the coat of arms shows a harp. (You may be thinking of this scrappy guy.)

coat of arms

4 | Fact. “The Soldiers’ Song” honours the Republic of Ireland.

5 | Fact. People lying on their backs and dangling off the precipice of Blarney Castle to kiss a piece of Carboniferous limestone are said to acquire vocal charm. Also mouth fungus.

6 | Fake fact. Ireland never had snakes since it’s too cold for serpents to swim there. St. Patrick’s resume really includes driving the snakes… out of their hearts. (He spread Christianity throughout the nation.)

7 | Fact. The white of the flag does represent peace between Roman Catholics (green) and Protestant followers of William of Orange (not green).

8 | Fake fact. My friend Joe Carey once told me about the Princess Street row. Since O’Leary’s didn’t open until 1987, it isn’t true. But don’t get any ideas today, Mexicali Rosa’s.

9 | Fake fact. The brewery that makes Guinness is St. James’s Gate Brewery. Enjoy your pint of Gat!

Come for the facts, leave for the beer.