My friend Lindsey gave me half of her restaurant sandwich the other day. Gesture: nice. Sandwich: terrible. Result: She owes me some fries.

Here are six facts about sandwiches you can buy that are far more interesting than Derek’s ham-and-cheese you pinched from the staffroom fridge. But… two of these foods are fake. What’s a fact and what’s a fake fact?

Unique Sandwiches You Didn’t Know Existed // 4 Facts, 2 Fake Facts

1 | Poutine couverture. Traditional poutine tastes like gravy-smothered french fries topped with cheese curds — because that’s what it is. Poutine couverture? Same meal but wrapped in a “blanket” of back bacon strips. Where? Quebec (bien sûr).

2 | Luther Burger. Can’t wait for dessert? Eat it with your main: swap doughnuts in for hamburger buns. It’s named after R&B singer Luther Vandross.

3 | Yakisoba pan. Fried noodles bedded down in a hot dog bun. Topped with bits of seaweed, smoked tuna and mayonnaise. Japan ballparks do it differently.

4 | Babcia kanapka. This is dough baked in dough: (1) potatoes and cheese form (unbaked) perogis; (2) perogis go inside the (unbaked) sweet bread; (3) sweet bread is baked as a sandwich; (4) babcia sandwich goes into your belly. Polish grandmothers know what you like.

5 | Fairy bread. An open-faced Australian sandwich. First, get white bread. Next, cover it in butter. Third, dump sprinkles all over it. Then, jam it in your face hole.

6 | Fool’s Gold Loaf. Hollow out a loaf of bread. Transfer about a kilogram of peanut butter into the bread loaf. Don’t forget the jar of jelly. Then you’re done — as soon as you insert the pound of bacon. Elvis-tested, cardiologists unapproved.

“Glad they named this sandwich after me but… why does the ‘Keanu’ taste so plain and wooden?”

Written by Peter Cullen

Peter Cullen loves to teach children. He specializes in literacy (elementary level) and has a lot of fun creating games and activities for class lessons. He also writes, manages social media accounts and announces roller derby games.


Peter Cullen

Agreed. I once asked for a close-face reuben. (I wanted the extra bread.) Confused looks. Easier to order an extra slice…

Good link! I read about chocolate sprinkles on bread — the counterpart to Australia. Have never seen either in person.


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