Name a few memorable landmarks in Canada. Along with the Rockies, Niagara Falls, and that awesome potato out in Maugerville, you certainly thought of the CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario — a building that earned global fame on April 2, 1975, when it became the planet’s tallest structure.

You’ve had 40 years to the day to learn about the Canadian National Tower. Do you know six facts about it? Or at least the four real ones?

What No One Tells You about CN Tower // 4 Facts, 2 Fake Facts

1 | The lifespan of the tower is the same as Prince Edward Island’s Confederation Bridge: around 100 years.

2 | The CN Tower charts in the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

3 | Not counting inflation, the current Toronto Maple Leafs 2015-16 payroll is greater than the construction cost of the CN Tower.

4 | The CN Tower can withstand a wind blast greater than this year’s fastest NHL slapshot.

5 | A humongous helicopter named Olga carried up the pieces that gained the tower the “world’s tallest structure” record.

6 | In 1992, one of Joe Carter’s homeruns rocketed out of the Skydome and cracked a pane of glass in the tower’s elevator shaft

CN Tower before its makeup (Toronto Star)

The answers will be CN you on page 2.

Written by Peter Cullen

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