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What No One Tells You about CN Tower // 4 Facts, 2 Fake Facts


1 | Fake fact. The CN Tower will outlive you. There’s only one component of the tower that can’t be replaced: the metal anchors that hold the post-tension cables. But they’re good until the Leafs win their next Stanley Cup — 300 years from now.

2 | Fact. Yes, the American Society of Civil Engineers ranked the CN Tower as one of its Seven Wonders of the Modern World (also: Empire State Building, Itaipu Dam, Panama Canal, Channel Tunnel, North Sea protection works, and the Golden Gate Bridge).

3 | Fact. The Leafs’ payroll this season is $66,973,333. The tower cost $63 million in the ‘70s.

4 | Fact. Shea Weber reached 175 km/h (108.5 mph) with a shot during the NHL’s 2015 All-Star Skills Competition. If Weber could put a bit more muscle into that, hitting about 1,600 km/h, he just might then be able to knock the tower down.

5 | Fact. A humongous Sikorsky helicopter with a Russian woman’s name carried the 44 pieces of the 102-metre broadcasting antennae to the top of the tower. On April 2, 1975, it airlifted the tower into the Guinness Book of World Records. At 553.33 metres, it is still the world’s tallest tower.

6 | Fake fact. That baseball actually shattered the glass of the observation deck. (I think? Maybe no. Right? That’s impossible. Yes, definitely a maybe.)

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