Do you know Chuck Teed? I do. Since Grade 2, when I met a Grade 1 Chuck and made fun of his chicken pox.

chuck music nb

Here’s Chuck, locally organizing Music NB Week. Absent from photo: chicken pox.

As a belated apology, I’m helping him celebrate the third year of his very popular Saint John Playlist by  hosting a TWITTER CHAT.

Do you have a question now? I think I can guess it: How funny was it to see Chuck with chicken pox? Also, what is the Saint John Playlist? (I’ll answer the second question, as the first one was a bit rude of you.)

I put it to Chuck. He replied:

“The Saint John Playlist is a voter-inspired list that’s becoming an annual tradition among Saint John musicians, music industry professionals and music enthusiasts. This year’s focus: Saint John’s best recording artists – musicians or bands from the Saint John area who have recorded songs/albums. And this week we’re enhancing the 2013 Saint John Playlist experience by hosting a Twitter chat. P.S. Do not write about my chicken pox, Peter.”


A Twitter chat is like posting in a Facebook group or forum except everyone is online at the same time and responding immediately.

Why’s a Twitter chat such as #SJPlay13 so great for you?

  • Shared interests. Despite being physically separated, everyone can chat together on a topic they enjoy: Saint John music. It’s like going to a show except you can talk with (and hear) everyone in the room.
  • Education. Know about a topic in the chat? Inform others. Something new to you? Ask and listen.
  • New contacts. Twitter chats net you new acquaintances. Join in for friendship and for networking.

You do need a Twitter account to join the Saint John Playlist chat. Chuck and I direct the hour for you to discuss the top 20 artists, their songs and albums, how the rankings are acquired and compiled – and you might even find out just how bad Chuck’s chicken pox really looked.

Now, here’s the Twitter chat format.


What’s imperative to know about a Twitter chat? Four things for #SJPlay13.

  1. Date & time. #SJPlay13 is on January 1 (Wed), 10:00 – 11:00 p.m. (AST).
  2. Who’s the moderator? You need to follow the moderator to follow the Twitter chat discussion. This event technically has two hosts: @ChuckTeed and @MrPeterCullen. (Follow them both!) Chuck curates the Saint John Playlist each year and runs the music program at InterAction School of Performing Arts. Peter blogs about educating your kids, runs social media accounts and teaches. (Chuck & Peter collaborated on the Saint John’s Finest and Saint John 2000 compilation albums. Sometimes they are friends.)twitter chuck (screenshot)twitter peter (screenshot)
  3. Event hashtag. To link all comments in the discussion, you add #SJPlay13 to all on-topic tweets. Clicking that hashtag will show you others’ comments throughout the night.#SJPlay13 (screenshot)
  4. Accompanying media. From 10:00 to midnight, the Saint John Playlist countdown runs simultaneously on Local 107.3fm. Tune in to hear it as you tweet about #SJPlay13.

107.3fm (screenshot)


What should you do in a Twitter chat? Here are four things.

  1. Ask questions. Throw some questions out to the moderator/host and guest(s). Ask other participants to explain or add more detail to a tweet you found interesting.
  2. Retweet. You saw a smart comment? Retweet it to (1) put more eyes on great ideas and (2) to help get friends outside the chat involved in a topic you enjoy.
  3. Make new acquaintances. Send tweets to others whose comments stand out for you. Side chats happen a lot in Twitter chats. (If not entirely on topic, though, leave out the event hashtag #SJPlay13.)
  4. Add media. Got a picture, video or audio link that matches the topic? Share it in a tweet to heighten the chat.

Follow @ChuckTeed and @MrPeterCullen right now to enjoy Wednesday’s chat!

I also recommend subscribing to Chuck’s blog (and/or mine) to get an email reminder about the event.

Questions? Send to Chuck or Peter. See you on Jan 1! And happy new year.

I hope it’s chicken pox-free.


Written by Peter Cullen

Peter Cullen loves to teach children. He specializes in literacy (elementary level) and has a lot of fun creating games and activities for class lessons. He also writes, manages social media accounts and announces roller derby games.

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