CN Tower (Toronto Star)

Fake Facts: What No One Tells You about CN Tower

Name a few memorable landmarks in Canada. Along with the Rockies, Niagara Falls, and that awesome potato out in Maugerville, you certainly thought of the CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario — a building that earned global fame on April 2, 1975, when it became the planet’s tallest structure. You’ve had 40 years to the day to learn about… Read more »

ireland flag

Fake Facts: St. Patrick’s Day

On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone is Irish — meaning Costco has tighter control of its membership than the Emerald Isle does. If you’re claiming temporary refugee status on March 17, you should know at least a couple facts, right? Or nine. But five are false. Can you drive the fakes out of Ireland?

fredericton beer festival

Fake Facts: Beer

The Fredericton Craft Beer Festival pours some tall small ones tonight. We’ll be there to see how craft brewers from Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia make beer classy. Want five facts about beer now? Only two are fake facts… Which ones will ale you?

Broken dive cylinders

Fake Facts: Scuba Diving

I learned scuba diving in Boracay, Philippines. The coral looked all bleached out and covered in nasty sea urchins, but I did enjoy seeing the massive lapu-lapu (grouper) that looked hungry for my buddy, Mandeep. Recently I read/heard Greg Hemmings‘ mention of scuba and it reminded me of the facts below. Well, three of them. One is a fake fact. Dive in.

nb flag

Fake Facts: New Brunswick Flag Flies for 50

New Brunswick’s provincial flag hits a half-century today. Light up 50 candles! Just… keep them away from the fabric. Here are six facts about our flag. Except three of them are fake facts. How much do you know about NB’s flag?

city of fredericton 2013

Fake Facts: Happy 230th Birthday, Fredericton!

Fredericton turns 230 years young today (February 22, 2015). Here are six facts about the City of Stately Elms. However, two aren’t true. Well, what do you know?

David Adams Richards (CBC)

Fake Facts: The Plots of David Adams Richards

Mr. David Adams Richards promotes a new play at the Fredericton Public Library tonight (Feb 19). His acclaimed novels, usually set in small towns, feature large emotions, family ties tethers, and people working through life alone together. Here are plots to four of his books. Except only three are his. That means one is not. Do you know? It’s a quiz of short duration.

Tourism New Brunswick

Fake Facts: Fredericton City Hall

When Fredericton turns 230 on February 22, where would you send its birthday card? Right: City Hall. (Pretty weird of you to mail a city a card, though.) Here are six amazing facts about Fredericton’s City Hall. Also, three fake facts. Which is which?

red cross

Fake Facts: Henry Dunant, Founder of the Red Cross

Despite humankind being an outlier in killing each other via wars, people didn’t automatically think to develop proper army nursing systems or rules for the battlefield wounded. We just kind of… left them out there. On February 17, in 1863, Jean Henri Dunant (you can call him Henry) founded the International Committee for Relief to the Wounded to resolve this… Read more »

march of 104th

Fake Facts: March of the 104th

The time? 1813. The place? British North America. The topic? WAR… of 1812. On February 16, 1813, one of the greatest military marches in history happened in Canada. With the Americans planning an offensive in the spring, the British needed reinforcements. But the St. Lawrence ice prevented troop transport. So, New Brunswick’s 104th Regiment of Foot just hoofed… Read more »

  • merry-go-round

    2 Reasons New Zealand’s “No Rules Recess” Doesn’t Work

    An Auckland elementary school recently abandoned its recess rules, following the suggestion of a university study that included no one who’d ever read Lord of the Flies. Fortunately for Swanson Primary School, everything went as planned: bullying, injuries and vandalism are disappearing. These New Zealand kids now spend recesses skateboarding and ascending trees, as well… Read more »

  • Teaching students how to brown-bag it academically.

    Why MIT’s Pirate Course Is Cross-Curricular Genius

    What sounds most interesting? Working out at the gym. Training to be a pirate. Taking a course in “pirate” sounds like one of those gimmicky ideas from a fringe university – but not in this case. You can earn a certificate in swashbuckling from none other than the esteemed MIT. (Sound familiar? Good memory: that’s the school… Read more »

  • dinosaur

    Get Language Learners to Show Off Their Knowledge with ESL Discussions

    Say you, as an adult, want to learn Spanish. Here’s what your teacher hands you.

  • lyric videos infographic

    Use Katy Perry & YouTube Lyric Videos to Help Your Child Learn to Read

    Who do you think gets credited for making the very first “lyric video”? Three clues for you: The video was released back in 1987.

  • timer bomb

    Use Online Stopwatch to Get Your Kids to Finish Work on Time

    Teachers quickly learn that telling doesn’t automatically lead to doing. But why not? It’s not usually enough to say to a child, “You have 10 minutes to finish this.” Young students know (1) that time exists and (2) it moves forward; however, managing a task within a timespan is an unclear notion for many youths…. Read more »

  • scholastic fractions

    Play-Watch-Read: Celebrate New Year’s Eve with Numbers & Counting

    If you’re not keeping your child up until midnight on New Year’s Eve to practice counting backward to zero, well, I wish you better luck as Parent of the Year in 2014. If there is a child in your life that you do care about, here’s my Play-Watch-Read on numbers for them. PLAY Using LEGO… Read more »

  • #SJPlay13 (screenshot)

    How & Why to Join the Saint John Playlist Twitter Chat with @ChuckTeed & @MrPeterCullen

    Do you know Chuck Teed? I do. Since Grade 2, when I met a Grade 1 Chuck and made fun of his chicken pox. As a belated apology, I’m helping him celebrate the third year of his very popular Saint John Playlist by  hosting a TWITTER CHAT. Do you have a question now? I think I can… Read more »

  • If You Decide to Go to the Moon

    Play-Watch-Read: Jump with “Jade Rabbit” onto the Moon and into Space

    With China’s “Jade Rabbit” lunar rover making tracks on the moon (and in history), is your child asking about space? Do you want them to? Help them Play-Watch-Read to connect your youth to this significant event. PLAY Amazing Match | Joy Preschool Game | Free / $1.99 My daughter and I still love this matching… Read more »

  • polar express cover

    What’s Your Favourite Christmas Story, Peter Cullen?

    Seven people with ties to New Brunswick tell about their favourite Christmas or “winter season” stories this month. I’ll finish the theme with my own choice. This project taught me (surprisingly) that not many people read Christmas/winter books as youths. Hopefully this series gives you ideas to start enjoying seasonal stories. It’s a fun tradition.

  • New domain, same blog

    I tried to drink from the fountain of tech knowledge this month but just ended up gargling. Painfully, I used several dozen December hours to migrate my blog to this new domain ( I’d like to thank my constant tech supporter and friend, Chuck Bird, for getting this finalized. Chuck’s knowledge & care best any famous… Read more »