With China’s “Jade Rabbit” lunar rover making tracks on the moon (and in history), is your child asking about space? Do you want them to? Help them Play-Watch-Read to connect your youth to this significant event.


Amazing Match | Joy Preschool Game | Free / $1.99

My daughter and I still love this matching game after several months of use. (Her = fun; me = so many wins.) It contains a space theme that focuses on planets and other space objects (playable in the free version). It wins for its simplicity, clean look, clear vocals (North American accent), displayed spellings and customizable game settings (i.e., number of cards to match). I endorse Amazing Match for ESL/EAL learners, too.

amazing match


Chris Hadfield series | Canadian Space Agency

Astronaut Chris Hadfield turned heads this year – upwards – toward the International Space Station. His out-of-this-earth videos examine elementary topics such as the five senses in space but he also demonstrates what happens when you cry without gravity and he conducts an amazing surface tension experiment (designed by Grade 10 students from Nova Scotia).

The crying video even curtailed some of my daughter’s unnecessary weeping when I told her not to use up all her tears before she goes to space.


If You Decide to Go to the Moon | Written by Faith McNulty & Illustrated by Steven Kellogg

A young boy blasts off for a fictional trip while learning non-fictional info. There are many moon facts (distance, weather, craters, how you drink and walk with less gravity) and the illustrations bring shape and colour to your child’s imagination.

If You Decide to Go to the Moon

(You might know McNulty from early Scholastic readers and Kellogg from one of my favourite books, The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate the Wash.)

I also recommend Find the Constellations by H. A. Rey (the Curious George creator) and Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me by Eric Carle.

space books

Always remember: Reach for the moon – even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. Which aren’t anywhere near the moon. How’re you getting back now, moon reacher? For Houston, you are the problem.

Enjoy your space adventures!

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Written by Peter Cullen

Peter Cullen loves to teach children. He specializes in literacy (elementary level) and has a lot of fun creating games and activities for class lessons. He also writes, manages social media accounts and announces roller derby games.

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