Hearing so much positive buzz about Saint John’s Maryanne Lewell on Jeopardy!, I called up an educational PowerPoint that my ESL students loved.

jeopardy menu

A. This is Jeopardy! Q. What is obvious?

You can use this free template at home (download here). I ran the PowerPoint game often for classes via my overhead LCD projector (pre-SMART Board days). A fun format for ESL students to study vocabulary and grammar, it also helped them to practice phrasing questions.

For home use, you can add your own categories in which your child needs practice. To show you the potential, I modified the template (download it here) to focus on spelling -ar words, learning animal names, and identifying colours and numbers. (I also added one category for grown-up interest: Fredericton.)

jeopardy gangnam a

This fact …

jeopardy gangnam q

… is amazing.

In the Jeopardy! PowerPoint, you can add anything you wish your child to learn:

  • colours
  • numbers
  • shapes
  • vocabulary
  • spelling
  • word families
  • other languages
  • math equations
  • novel studies

As you may have noticed, finding and inserting images takes more time than inputting only text. However, you’ll use this PowerPoint more than once, right? Yes, you will. Repetition builds remembrance.

Games are one of the best ways to reinforce learning and keep lessons entertaining. Tailoring questions (er, answers) to your child’s interests should be highly engaging for them.

jeopardy dog

Animals for 20: “This pet can lick your face and melt your heart.”


original template: jeopardy (template)

modified template: jeopardy (modified template)


The Educational Technology Network created the original template I used. For additional Jeopardy! templates and Flash links, visit them at http://www.edtechnetwork.com/powerpoint.html.

I heard most of the Fredericton facts via Tyler Aikens during a trivia night at The Phoenix last summer. Smart round.

I really appreciate my former Hong Kong colleague Craig Smith for sharing the Jeopardy! idea with me during my first year of teaching with him. (True fact about math-loving Craig, by the way: If you look deep into his eyes, numbers are just spinning like mad in there.)

Written by Peter Cullen

Peter Cullen loves to teach children. He specializes in literacy (elementary level) and has a lot of fun creating games and activities for class lessons. He also writes, manages social media accounts and announces roller derby games.

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