Seven people with ties to New Brunswick tell about their favourite Christmas or “winter season” stories this month. I’ll highlight a title every other day from now until December 25.

Here’s Kael Kennedy, the elementary student who frequently fundraises for the Chalmers Regional Hospital Foundation. (His current project: acquiring an ophthalmic camera to help premature babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.)

What’s your favourite Christmas or “winter season” story, Kael Kennedy?

It’s Santa Mouse [by Michael Brown]!

Santa Mouse becomes part of Santa’s crew but he’s lonely at the beginning. He’s just in a house on his own. It’s a really big house. He has imaginary friends. He thinks that they’re real and when he goes to touch them they just pop like a bubble. It’s really sad.

But he gives his favourite piece of cheese to Santa, so Santa lifts him up and gives him a hat, a beard, a coat, pants and tiny boots, and he puts them on and he’s Santa Mouse. He’s Santa’s helper.

He’s really happy and he rides with Santa to deliver all the things.

I read it every year. I could read it myself but I like to have fun and read it with Mom and Aunt Stacey. [Kael’s mother and aunt had the book when they were children, and Kael’s heard it each year since he was born.]

Oh, and at the end, it says: “Why don’t you leave a piece of cheese out for Santa Mouse?”

santa mouse cover

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The New Brunswick Public Library Service stocks this title. Click the link to see if it’s available near you now. (You can also get most books shipped to your closest library, free of charge.)

Thank you to Kael Kennedy! Contact the Chalmers Regional Hospital Foundation to make a donation toward the camera.

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Written by Peter Cullen

Peter Cullen loves to teach children. He specializes in literacy (elementary level) and has a lot of fun creating games and activities for class lessons. He also writes, manages social media accounts and announces roller derby games.

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